Acting Classes with Jana and Charlotte 


SupeRoleModel Jana Holkova  is  Actress / Reporter / Host / Model / Social Media Director / Web designer  worked as a reporter for the Morning show and reality shows for the major Slovak TV station ,TV Markiza during all 5 years her University studies. Her dream always was to become an actor so she gave up her career in the television industry and applied for musical acting at the conservatory where she finished all 5 years of the course which led to opportunities to perform in many plays, TV series and one feature film.

SupeRoleModel Charlotte Zahringer  is a Model / Actress / Certified Raw Vegan Chef / Acting Therapy Teacher pursued her acting career through the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. In this intensive program, she connected strongly and immediately with all her teachers, particularly Deborah Kym. Charlotte has co-directed, co-written, co-produced and continues to connect projects and people in the industry together, revise scripts, provide authentic movie lines and important information for Oscar awarded directors and directors of documentary film, tv series, and more, as well as write lyrics, draw, paint, imagine and create digitally.


This class is a safe space where people are offered a transformative, interactive approach to confidence, emotional awareness, spontaneous reaction, and interpersonal variability. Guided by a thoughtful program and mindful instructors, participants have the space and time to rediscover their own humanity. This imaginative environment allows for the creativity of each person to be expressed, empowering their inner world. 

Our class intends to provide our students with the possibility of realization, recognition, and transference of blockages, hopes, dreams, and fears. The exercises in the 2-hour program actuate the process of growth and healing while keeping a flow of novelty in the class. First, we have guided imaginative meditation, followed by exercises where each person learns to powerfully introduce themselves, imagine and reflect a situation with body language, imaginative braided group storytelling, which is spontaneous and fosters the mind to open and connect to other participants. Then we have a guided opinion exercise allowing for transference of judgment and practice of various expressions. At the end, we give classmates a scene and dialogue where they act it out using playful imagination