Brana Dane is a vegan model / visual artist / influencer / TV host / journalist / activist.

She became a role model in order to inspire others to be true to themselves and follow their path. As an activist, Brana travelled to DC with the model mafia to participate in the people's climate march. Furthermore, she has been painting for over a decade and has show her work recently in gallery shows in Chelsea, Tribeca, the Hamptons and Brooklyn.

She uses the creative arts as a form of therapy. Art as a form of self-expression is a fantastic method that has proven to work wonders in many people lives. It can help someone express themselves, explore their emotions, manage addictions, and improve their self-esteem.

‘Guided Art’ primarily aims to help Individuals achieve personal well-being and improved levels of function. It is an invaluable tool during difficult periods, such as chronic illness or emotional upset. As an independent activity that requires no prior experience and very little equipment, it is there for you whenever you need it.




Ekarina Abramove is an artist specializes in painting and graphic arts in traditional technique using oil, acrylic, markers. She is a multifaceted artist; her style could be described as going in two major directions: the 21st century Post-Expressionism, and Spiritual Ornamental paintings drawn on symbolic folk art of various peoples, most notably on Russian and Indian mythology. Born in 1979 in Moscow, she graduated from an art school with honors and continued her studies at the Vasnetsov College of Fine Arts, Moscow. In 2007 she received her MFA from the I.E. Repin State Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Her master class begins with a meditation that releases our anxieties, and opens up our creative potential. This also allows us to concentrate and discover our strongest intention, the dream we want to come true. Then, under my guidance, the students begin to put their discoveries on paper or canvas. As the work progresses, I correct, suggest, and explain the basics of use of color, composition, and structure, as well as the major elements of art of painting.