In  2017 Kristina  moved in NYC to bring together her experience in modeling and fashion, her passion in dance and a desire to create something bigger than herself.

 That is how Mindful Models was born. The  vision of the organization is to envision an empowered, inspired and joyful world made up of creative individuals committed to building a sustainable future for humanity.  

The mission is to bring mindfulness into the fashion, modeling and entertainment industries and create a community that is nurturing and supportive. 

  • We believe that everyone has a choice to improve one's wellbeing and create a joyful, fulfilling life and career.

  • We love seeing models finding their voice, passion and life purpose.

  • We love seeing models being confident and inspiring leaders of the industry.

  • We stand for fair treatment and equal opportunity for everyone (regardless of shape, size, color, ethnicity and gender).

Kristina defines her purpose as expanding people’s capacity to connect and feel alive through dance and conscious living.  She loves seeing people empowered and passionate and encourages every human being to fully embody one’s authentic self and be an inspiring role model in the world of change.