Authentic Embodiment with Kristina Block


SupeRoleModel  Kristina Block is a Model/ Founder of Mindful Models organization/ Dancer/ Performance Artist/ Conscious Movement Facilitator/ Designer at Stvrdust. 

As a curator of all things beautiful. Her loving heart is a light that illuminates even the darkest of places with grace and an ancient presence. She is the founder of the “Authentic Embodiment” conscious dance practice, as well as “Mindful Models”, a social movement on a mission to bring mindfulness into the modeling industry through a holistic approach to wellbeing. Kristina has expressed her artistry through dance, performance art and conscious movement facilitation all over the globe. She truly believes in the healing power of dance and encourages every human being to fully embody one’s authentic self and be inspiring role models in the world of change.

Authentic Embodiment” is a guided conscious dance practice that brings us to the present moment through a deep connection to one’s body and people around us. It is an open space for us to remember our child-like wonder, feel alive and playful, and to express ourselves freely and ecstatically in our own creative and unique ways.

“You absolutely CAN dance without any limitations! When you start listening to your body and allowing yourself to be curious, you open up to the creative energy that starts flowing through you. You become a life force who is always present, always embodied”, Kristina Block.

This practice is inspired by and includes teachings of myriad conscious movement modalities such as 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Dancing Freedom, Azul and many others. It is open to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience. 

The experience lasts for 2 hours. No alcohol, drugs or other stimulants are allowed. No talking (but plenty of non-verbal communication!). Just pure presence and openness to step into the delicious mystery of life and allow it to flow through you.