Belly Dance with Dominique Schwenner

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Pumpernicki (Dominique Schwenner)  is a tribal fusion belly dancer, visual artist, singer, writer and producer. Using multiple forms of expression has helped her grow into a well rounded, organizing and empathetic person. Her art is based on her most inner opinions, emotions and desires. She believes that art is powerful in every way and swears by its therapeutic healing. She started dancing belly dance since Middle School and teaches as well as dances at multiple festivals. Pumpernicki is happy to announce that she will be performing at Burning Man in 2018, both as fire spinner and belly dancer.

Pumpernicki's workshop will have you feel muscles that you may not know exist. She will start out with some history, warm ups and teach basic traditional and tribal fusion belly dance steps to form a group choreography using improv calls. Keeping the style mostly tribal and grounded will have you move with the body's natural movement, embracing and accentuating every curve. This workshop will leave you appreciating all angles of your body, not only including hips and belly, but also from the very top of your head to arms and to the extension of your toes. Embrace the divine feminine. Love every curve you have.