Charlotte is a Model / Actress / Certified Raw Vegan Chef / Acting Therapy Teacher

Charlotte has provided consulting for an array of businesses for countless people since she was 16. Always immersed in the details, seeing loopholes and inventing the term “Solutionism” Charlotte has dipped her toes in duality.  

Charlotte has been a vocal part of the movement to empower peoples health. She studied nutrition and is a certified raw vegan chef.  

In 2015, Charlotte invented and saw through with her first application for android and apple iOS phones, called Wimble, to get people to play tennis wherever they were located. Her passion with communication can be seen with the undertaking of six languages while at university, as well as her public speaking ability and natural connector personality. 

Charlotte moved to New York, New York in the fall of 2016.              She quickly became the right hand assistant for all things private concierge club and tech start-up Goldfingr, hosted lavish and tight-roped parties in Manhattan and orchestrated the setup of the company as a newly budding tech maven. 

From June 2017 to December 2017 she pursued her acting career through the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. In this intensive program, she connected strongly and immediately with all her teachers, particularly Deborah Kym, the last of the teachers to have been taught by Stella Adler herself. Deborah continues the mentorship of Charlotte as her career blossoms into an Acting Therapy teacher.

Charlotte has co-directed, co-written, co-produced and continues to connect projects and people in the industry together, revise scripts, provide authentic movie lines and important information for Oscar awarded directors and directors of documentary film, tv series, and more, as well as write lyrics, draw, paint, imagine and create digitally.

Charlotte is growing into her complexity with humor and wisdom. Her projection of the future is highly regarded and sought out, and she continues to make waves in ingenuity in her own unexpected ways through the power of conversation.