Chloe is a Model / Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach, / Personal Trainer .

I'm not your usual PT or nutrition coach; I am an ambassador for body positivity and my aim is to teach my clients how to be healthy without dieting and get back in touch with intuitively eating and honouring their hunger, and working with their body, rather than going against it.

Using my approach along with my skills has helped many people from all over the world reach their goals and learn how to fall back in love with food, exercise and their body again! I am currently working as a mobile coach in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas and also as an online coach, so if you want to book in a trial session or consultation contact me here. I also work at Snap Fitness Tonbridge gym as a PT and teach spin twice a week, so if you are local you can train with me there.
I have modelled professionally for 6 years and taken the catwalk in New York and London Fashion Week along with featuring in worldwide campaigns and well known magazines. I left the modelling industry after being made to lose weight when I was already underweight. I suffered from eating disorders way before I was even a model and got scouted when I was at my worst. I then got body dysmorphia in the fashion modelling industry and was not happy. Since then, I have completely turned my life around and I'm a lot healthier and happier. I give back as an ambassador for BEAT charity, helping and inspiring young girls and boys.

Through my own journey, education and experience in the health and fitness industry I use my talents to help people. I am also a Motivational Speaker and reach people from all backgrounds and ages.

I love making unusual healthy recipes and trying out the latest craze! You can find my weekly video uploads on my YouTube channel, with a range of workouts, motivational talks, vlogs and recipes. 

CONTACT : here