Model / Certified Culinary Nutrition / CPR/AED Certified/ Swim Coach

Francesca began her modeling career only a year ago at the age of 18. Born in NYC, she grew up in Queens and was raised by her Brazilian parents. In the last year Francesca has worked in her first fashion week, appeared in Nylon Magazine and Elegant Magazine. Modeling started by accident in a sense, seeking acceptance the film student and photographer decided to put herself in front of the camera as a way to get herself out of her comfort zone. After finding that she enjoyed the rush of posing and discovering her angles, Francesca made the attempt to find an agency that would represent her. Unlike most models she made the choice to get signed rather than being scouted.

After one year in the fashion industry Francesca leaned the importance of having spiritual and hormonal balance. Influenced by an ego-driven motivation she drove herself into a mindset that went against her beliefs, by comparing herself to other models and putting herself down as many young models do. She has worked extremely hard to achieve the industries standards of the “perfect model body” in the healthiest way she knew possible. When reaching her goal as a vegan and believer in the holistic approach she stopped taking birth control as prescribed since the age of 14 for hormonal reasons. It wasn’t until Francesca’s hormonal health from getting off birth control began to affect her career for the worse that she shifted her ego way of thinking.

Studying at Natural Gourmet Institute Francesca healed her body and mind. She found that all of the doctors she would seek help from were attempting to put her back on drugs that caused her to be incredibility imbalanced to began with. After months of trial and error Francesca finally found the recipe to health.

Still working on maintaining and attempting to get her body more balanced 10 months later she is finally learned yoga, meditation, stress level balance, positive affirmations, proper food intake, vitamins, minerals and herbal medicine are huge factors all models and people need to incorporate into their lives for proper hormonal health.