Janina Dyrkacz born and raised as Asia developed her creative eye and sense of style in Communist Poland since her early teenager years. She is a Certified Image Consultant from Fashion Institute of Technology and a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator.  She also study in Western Shool of Feng Shui to become a practitioner.

She was constantly traveling through Europe being involved in the fashion industry as a model and fashion stylist. She worked as an Image Consultant with various clients helping them to develop their personal, unique, authentic style.

Asia believes that (ch’i) is the most powerful energy  in life. As a Fashion Feng Shui Consultant she will help you express your self  in any of the  five elements ( wood. fire. earth. metal , water )  by knowing your visual presence, essential energy, In choosing styles, fabrics and colors that reflect who you are you will attract back and connect yourself more directly with what you want in life. This empowering concept of fashion is about gaining self-esteem through self-awareness with fashion sensibility, self-acceptance and your unique self-expression.

Her personal design philosophy is: simplicity, comfort, convenience, freshness and originality, the play of intuition and invention, the element of surprise, counterpoise and harmony.