Irene is a Model / Traveller / Life lover

That is how first represent me at daily duo section in 2014 year: “With her hallmark wheaten hair, mesmerising clear blue eyes, perfect skin and graceful lines, Irene from Moscow is marvellous. A devotee of yoga and pilates, as well as the dramatic arts, Irene’s look combines innocence and cold elegance in an uncanny, almost unsettling way – this girl is memorable. Fluent in English and a lover of world travel, this hardworking, disciplined miss has a strong desire to work in the major global markets. Unsigned outside of Russia as yet, Irene’s non-traditional blonde beauty is endlessly intriguing. Irene is incandescent!”

 During these 4 years my model carrier develop and reach the most wanted destination- New York City.  But it is not gonna stop for sure. I also was study and working as an event planner and travel organizer. 

 "I sincerely believe that researching for myself is the most beautiful thing and it should never stops.and that inspiration and satisfaction of helping people to find their own desires are the most beautiful things. Dream, try, make mistakes, fall and rise. Love every moment of your life. "