Jackie Stewart is a Model / Meditation Coach / B.A. in both Communication Studies and Leadership in Organization / Philanthropist

Jackie Stewart moved to New York City with a sense of adventure, a B.A. in both Communication Studies and Leadership in Organization, and an introspective nature.Fascinated with interpersonal relationships and a ravenous appetite for learning, she continued her education at New York University, graduating with a Master’s degree in Media, Culture, and Communication. At the same time, Jackie was also building a strong presence for herself within the global fashion and entertainment communities as a model (portfolio) and actress (IMDB). Paralleling these two major forces, the need for finding a mindful balance between those external worlds and her own inner life of feeling “whole and enough” became very clear, very quickly.

Jackie serves as an Ambassador and advocate for children's rights with The Miracle Foundation. The Miracle Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans. Helping people help themselves is the most sustainable way to affect real change. That’s why we focus on strengthening existing institutions and giving purposeful employment to local people in need of work. Together with our supporters, we transform local orphanages into homes, provide clean water and quality healthcare, and fund scholarships for education. Our goal is to have each orphan become a healthy, happy, income-producing person — and break the cycle of poverty. Watch Founder Caroline Boudreaux's TED talk.

An explorer at heart, Jackie began to discover how to look within. On retreat at a monastery in Nepal, she deeply connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and has been exploring the various lineages in earnest ever since. Having completed The Interdependence Project's meditation teacher training, The Open Center's Integrative Sound and Music practitioner certification, as well as UC Berkeley’s Science of Happiness Program she hopes to fuse this inner and outer world connection for others. 

Jackie can be found teaching meditation at MNDFL , New York City’s premier meditation studio; The Assemblage, a wellness network committed to personal and collective transformation; HUB Seventeen, Lululemon's community space for collaboration, discovery, and connection; and hosting The Interdependence Project’s interactive online meditation, Sit Anywhere Sundays. She brings mindfulness into action through involvement in social activism, leading corporate meditations, and philanthropic work. 

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