Actress / Reporter / Host / Model / Social Media Director / Web designer  

Jana was born and raised in Slovakia and lived there until she achieved her Master's degree at Faculty of Arts Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. She studied one semester in Australia where she also finished her IELTS Certificate at University of Technology in Sydney. 

She worked as a reporter for the Morning show and reality shows for the major Slovak TV station ,TV Markiza during all 5 years her University studies.

As a known public person in Slovakia she was offered work as a fashion and runway  model  for prestigious designers. Her dream always was to become an actor so she gave up her career in the television industry and applied for musical acting at the conservatory where she finished all 5 years of the course which led to opportunities to perform in many plays, TV series and one feature film.

In 2017, when she moved to New York City she started volunteering for Models Against Addictions Foundation as social media director.  She now offers services and consulting in digital marketing and web design.

´My life was not always shiny and easy. But all I went through was necessary to create the person who I am now. I realize how happy I am and I was in spite of all the obstacles in my life. I am very thankful for each one of them since they taught me to appreciate simple things and being nice to people for I never have an idea what are they going through. I received a lot in my life and I feel it is time to start giving back. Anyhow To Anyone.´

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