Marina Dojchinov is a Model / Entrepreneur / Journalist / Editor Producer.

She is successful, young entrepreneur who began her career in the media industry at a young age. She since worked her way to become one of the top journalists of her field, with a strong background in PR, writing and editing. 

Coming from humble beginnings, born in Croatia, and after living in London, she has set her sights on entrepreneurial pursuits in the creative, corporate and fashion sectors. 

Marina began her career as a fashion & beauty editor while studying a BA in law and journalism. After numerous editorial and journalistic roles for various fashion, lifestyle and music publications, she created her own at only 20 years of age. Loki Magazine was born, with a team of industry insiders, who have revolutionized and bridged the gap between print and digital.

Owing to quick industry success Marina was invited to guest lecture at the coveted William Angliss School of Design in Melbourne, and the London University of the Arts. There she was able to impart her knowledge on students, taking 4 interns for practical industry experience. She has since worked internationally as a journalist, editor, film producer & publicist including Editor In Chief for New York based Promo Magazine, and among the youngest contributing editors for international publication Vox Populi Magazine.

Her work has taken her all over the world, and she now spends her time traveling, living and working between Australia, the USA, and the UK. She has since channeled her entrepreneurial spirit using her extensive, hands-on knowledge in the creative arenas, especially writing and editing, to start a few small, but focused, companies.

Be it a business venture that begs for a sophisticated online presence, or a unique writing endeavor, Marina possesses the skills, knowledge and experience to make your projects come alive with her unique creative vision.

Contact : MarinDojchinov