Nutrition and Health with Danielle Pashko


SupeRoleModel  Danielle is  / Author / Wellness & Beauty Enthusiast and Coach / Nutritional Consultant /Certified Yoga Instructor/ Licensed Massage Therapist  / Daniele is a member of  Board Of Directors of Models Against Addictions non-profit .


Danielle Pashko began her wellness career over fifteen years ago in New York City. After losing her mother to breast cancer as a little girl, optimizing her own health became an obsession. As a mature teenager living on her own in Manhattan (and modeling to pay the bills) much of her time was spent studying healing modalities.

And at just 18 years old, Danielle was a practicing Reiki Therapist. She trained under a master teacher while also attending The Academy of Natural Healing for her certification as a Polarity Therapy practitioner. By the age of 21 she had graduated from The Florida College of Natural Health as a licensed massage therapist.Additionally, she attended Gulliver's to study food and nutrition (currently called The Institute of Integrated Nutrition) and then continued her education to receive a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition. Danielle has consulted for several Integrative physicians regarding her nutritional expertise Her most recent book is Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits: Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Chicks Make!

Danielle has successfully overcome her physical setbacks and never takes how well she feels for granted. Her knowledge has led to lectures, articles and videos on healthy living for several publications including The NY Post, Fox News, I24 News, Women's Health Magazine, Reader's Digest, USA Today, Yahoo Shine, The Jewish Week, You Fortified, LCF Magazine, Aleteia Magazine, Galtime, Betty Confidential, Wine Spectator Magazine, Daily Burn as well as Physician's Formula make up "Star of the Month".