Sandrina Bencome is Sandrina Bencomo is a Model /Founder of “OrganycLove” and a Certified Nutrition Health Coach

I hope to meet you soon, but in the meanwhile, you can meet me.

I've had the pleasure of traveling and living throughout the world as a model, experiencing the fashion industry in New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Munich, Miami, Barcelona, Venezuela, Cape Town, to name a few.My base has been in NYC for over a decade, a city that I love and feel fortunate to call my home! The y in OrganycLove is to honor it as the founding city of the company and the amazing city that shaped me into who I am today. 

My passion for nutrition and wellness deepened when my symptoms of rosacea, eczema, chronic fatigue,  stress, headaches, dizziness, fainting, allergies, and digestive issues seemed to only worsen over time. It felt like my whole body was on strike and desperately trying to tell me something that I couldn't yet understand, but I completely do now. All of those symptoms were reactions to food intolerances, combined with a weakened immune system from years of not providing my body the proper nutrition that it required. 

Battling rosacea and eczema was especially difficult: the sleepless nights because of the burning and constant itching all over my body. It often felt completely overwhelming! Especially as a model where the physical expectations are for an impossible perfectionism.

Tired of feeling sick and low in self-esteem, I decided to take matters into my own hands, to claim responsibility for my health, and to firmly believe that I could heal myself. I spent countless hours every day educating myself on nutrition, wellness, organic skincare, and holistic approaches to all of my symptoms.

I was then happy to find training with the largest and most renowned nutrition school in the world, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I had found the perfect fit for me! I only wish that I'd found it sooner, that I had the guidance of a Health Coach to ease those very difficult times, and guide me toward what would have been a much quicker and smoother healing process.

By applying everything that I learned and guiding myself step by step through the program that I can now provide for you, I healed all of my chronic symptoms and actually feel better now than ever in my life before! It's incredibly empowering to say that I feel healthy, vital, and happy! It's not just being healthy, but being happy that matters.

I use nutrition and wellness in my lifestyle to manage the everyday stressors of life, to stay in shape, and to keep my hair and skin glowing along with my spirit. It's a great tool to use as a model in the fashion industry. It allows me to look and feel my best at all times. No yo-yo diets, breakouts, dull hair, low energy, sleepless nights, but instead, a sustainable balance, and a joyful life. I know how to practice self-care to feel confident about my body inside and out, and it's my passion to help you find that balance too. My purpose is for you to feel great in your own skin. To love your body and learn how to nourish it, so it can function at it's very best.