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Pamela is an epidemiologist / founder of SetupStrong

She specializes in biomechanics and ergonomics, trained at the Stanford School of Medicine.

She has conducted long-term, comprehensive research on the causes of this widespread whole-body slump, the resulting physical challenges, and comprehensive, effective solutions. Applying this research to educational programs for adults and children, Pamela is reversing the epidemic of poor musculoskeletal use, and its many disabling and costly consequences. Structural Health Expert™, Pamela Rief, brings decades of experience through unique interactive workshops and hands-on lessons that transform posture, movement, and health.

Through her SETUPSTRONG™ initiatives, Pamela is shifting our physical culture back to what’s natural for our bodies. By joining her movement, you’ll get stronger with age. It doesn’t take extra time each day to be SETUPSTRONG™.

Those painful joint-stressing poses at photo shoots--with a few tweaks--will be pain-free. By learning SETUPSTRONG™ strategies, you’ll strike the classic poses to set any mood, but do them in a way that is strength-building rather than inflicting wear and tear on your muscles, joints, and organs.

Pamela will explain to you how she resolved her own debilitating musculoskeletal dysfunction, and has done the same for hundreds of other women and men. She will show you specifically which hidden habits are repeatedly causing weakness, pain, and strain. She will share with you her proprietary solutions so you get stronger in all activities: at work and beyond.

The images we project are mirrored by our impressionable fans. What some view as sexy posture could be actually unhealthy. But it doesn’t need to be that way! We can eliminate slumped imagery ubiquitous in popular culture, starting with our own mechanical habits, from our feet upward.