Soul Healing with Candance McAdams

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Candace MacAdams is Model / Actress / Artist / Soul Coach

"After graduating from the prestigious NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, I set out on an unconventional journey in which I felt a great need to gather experiences and know the world outside the typical “actor bubble”.  I listened to a voice deep within that told me I should know the world, people, and gather stories. 

I traveled to over 52 countries and lived on 6 continents.   I felt driven to know the human condition at a very deep level, and I wanted to deepen my work as an actor and person. And  do I have some cool stories to tell! Due to those experiences, I feel I have gained a deeper, richer, and more varied level of understanding as to what makes us human (and I am still learning).  We are heroic in small ways.  We can do incredible things if we just tap into the unlimited potential that lies beneath our own limitations."

 Because she has a deep passion to empower, inspire, and encourage others, she received formal training in coaching at the spiritually based, IFC accredited COACH FOR LIFE. And in 2009, she created The Soulful Journey, which is currently based in New York City and  works with clients all around the world.  Candace is also a member of Screen Actors Guild, and continues to work as an actress in Independent Film and television. She is very involved in the artistic community and finds a special affinity for coaching other Artists. Her wish is that she may use her unique experiences and perspective in life to serve, support, and inspire others in walking their own unique journey in life.